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Halloween (New Poem)

  The romance of death.  Ancient spells and darkness reigns  as  the moon rises above the clouds. Visions of witches and  beautiful  devils dance naked. The new ways are turning back  again to  the  old days when  magic  was more  than just sleight of hand.

The Seasons (New Poem)

  (and the seasons have once again changed). The mind creates everything as spoken by the wise ones. Blood falls and teardrops stain our memories. Happiness we are forever seeking. Sometimes we catch it and the feeling fills up our broken hearts. (and so the seasons have once again changed).

How To Breathe (New Poem)

  So the world has forgotten  how to breathe. All of us are dying. All of us are alone. Yet some are together. Sometimes it feels like  nothing has changed. But yet  there is a feeling. A feeling that yes, things are definitely not the same.

Dreaming (New Poem)

I forgot the words that I was going to say. Filled with thoughts and deeper meanings. A new day. A quiet night. Dreaming of you.

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